Use GMail as your Support Ticket System
I am selling you a script; that will turn your Gmail into a robust support ticket system. At just $4.95 per month, there is no user limit and no unnecessary features.


Automatic labelling

All new email will be automatically marked as [PENDING]. Once you have replied the email, you can remove this label and add [SOLVED], indicating that the email has been solved.

Now, when the customer replied back, here's where the magic is! We will then automatically remove the [SOLVED] label and add [REOPEN] so that you know that this is an old issue, re-opened by the sender.

By just following this simple flow, your support email will become unbelievably organized!

Auto-responder & Confirmation of receipt

We will help you to set up automatic email reply for emails received outside of the office hours.

You may also let your customer know that you’ve received their request by sending them a confirmation email.

Works everywhere

Since we uses Gmail's powerful label features for everything, you can use it anywhere. It works on desktop, your iPad and mobile phone.

No new app required. Manage your email from official GMail clients on all your devices and it works for everyone.

No unnecessary rubbish

We could have added tons of features, but we want to keep the workflow simple. No unnecessary chrome extension required and it is totally browser-independent.


$4.95 per month
Up to 200 new emails a day
$39.50 per year
Up to 200 new emails a day

I was planning to charge a 1-time fee instead of a monthly fee, alas, the script is running on Google's infrastructure that I have to pay monthly. So, at $4.95 per month, the code will be running continuously, every single minute just for you. You will receive free updates for as long as your subscription is active.


Can I have more status than just [Pending], [Solved] and [Reopen] ?

No. These 3 status is really all you need to handle incoming support requests.

Do I have to create the labels manually?

No. Right after installation, our app will automatically add these 3 main labels for you.

Can I rename these 3 labels?

Yes you can. You will be given access to your configuration dashboard where you can configure your labels.

What happen if I stop my annual subscription?

Nothing. The script will stop working, but no data will be lost.

Our Story

I've been running multiple software outfits of various sizes. From a team of 3 to 300. Almost in all cases, we were dreaming of running our support off our internal Gmail system. The Gmail's awesome label system can pretty much do anything we want, except automatically re-opening closed issue if our customer replied back to us.

We often end up with paid support tickets such as Zendesk. I grew tired paying for expensive support ticket that charges us on a per-user basis, which rules out giving support access to everyone in the team. All we want is to be able to have our inbox organized.

I know someone out there must have thought the same. So I spend nights after night, working on the script and tested it at my company and it works beautifully!

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